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Teacher Cadet  Lesson Plan Submissions

CAEP (Council of Arts Education Presidents) has developed several initiatives to promote the recruitment and retention of quality arts educators. One of these is the compilation of “no fail” lessons for teacher cadets interested in teaching one of the arts. For many years, CERRA has made available to teacher cadets a collection of lessons in math, English language arts, science and social studies. Some teacher cadets were steered away from choosing an arts class because of the lack of resources. CAEP would like to make a similar collection available through CERRA to promote the arts as a good choice for prospective teachers.

To submit an original lesson plan for possible publication, please use the attached lesson plan format. The lesson should be geared to kindergarten through 8th grade and based on the state standards. It can be a lesson for elementary or middle school general music, or for middle school band, chorus or orchestra class. The lesson should utilize only basic materials that would be readily available in any arts class and last no more than 30 minutes. The lesson should be written free of jargon or terminology that a high school student would have difficulty following. Music references should be from the public domain and not under copyright protection. Music notation may be submitted as an electronic jpeg to be included in a CDrom for the teacher cadets.

A task force appointed by CAEP will review and edit the lessons for possible publication in the collection. Any teacher who contributes a lesson that is published will be credited. Plans that are not chosen for reasons of limited publishing space, complexity, or other reasons, may be included in a resource for teachers to use with substitutes or as supplementary lessons and made available through CAEP and SCAEA.

Please be sure to include contact information with your submission if the task force needs to clarify any part of your lesson and so that you may be correctly credited.

Music Lessons should be submitted electronically to Ann Cheek at orffanAnn@aol.com or by mail to:

Ann Cheek
72 Brisbane Drive,
Charleston, SC 29407

Forms are in PDF format and may be downloaded

Sample Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Format
"Old King Glory" (upon which the sample lesson is based)



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