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Schedule of Activities and Deadlines

Sept. 7, 2013 – In-service Workshop and Meeting, USC, Columbia

Oct. 11, 2013 – Postmark deadline for Honor Choir audition CDs/tapes, audition fees, and Nomination Forms to Mary Anne Tillman.  Audition materials will NOT be accepted after this date.

Nov. 2, 2013 - Tapes will be judged.  Results will be sent to teachers the following week.

Nov. 3, 2013 - Results will be emailed to teachers. Notify parents immediately.

Nov. 18, 2013 - Postmark deadline for teachers to send Honor Choir Member registrations & fees.

February 7-9, 2013 – SCMEA In-Service Conference and  SC Elementary Honor Choir Weekend.  Note:  All teachers having students in the Honor Choir must register for the conference as well as register at the Sheraton on Thursday, February 6 by 8:00 p.m., or on Friday, February 7 by 11:30 a.m.  This is so you can pick up revised information concerning the choir and Honor Certificates.  Teachers who do not register will risk being asked not to participate next year.

2013 - 2014 Honor Choir Repertoire

Come Let's Be Merry
James Mulholland
Colla Voce 20-96840 (Henry Leck Choral Series)

Gloria Deo
Cristi Cary Miller
Hal Leonard 08552065

Over the Sea to Skye
Cristi Cary Miller
Hal Leonard 08552254
Instrumentation: cello

Greg Gilpin
Heritage Music 15/2566H

Tongue Twisters
Betty Bertaux
2. Betty Botter's Butter
3. Tree Toad
Boosey & Hawkes/Hal Leonard 48022624

Will There Really Be a Morning?
Craig Hella Johnson
Alliance AMP0620

Walk in Jerusalem
Rollo Dilworth
3-pt. treble
Hal Leonard 08744361
Instrumentation: trap set, electric bass guitar

Guest Clinician - Christi Miller

Christi Miller

Cristi Miller is highly regarded across the United States as a master teacher, conductor and composer. After graduating from Oklahoma State University, she began her teaching career instructing grades 7-12. She eventually moved to the Putnam City School system in 1989 where she worked in the elementary classroom for 21 years. In 1992, Mrs. Miller was selected as the Putnam City Teacher of the Year and in 1998 received one of the four “Excellence in Education” awards given through the Putnam City Foundation.  In 2008, she became a National Board Certified Teacher and in 2009, she was selected as the Putnam City PTA Teacher of the Year.

Recently, Mrs. Miller became a part of the prestigious Fine Arts Staff at Heritage Hall Schools in the Oklahoma City area where she teaches middle school music. Cristi has served as the Elementary Representative on the Oklahoma Choral Directors Association Board of Directors as well as the Elementary Vice President for the Oklahoma Music Educators Association. In addition, she has served as the President for this organization.

Along with her teaching responsibilities, Cristi authors and co-authors a column for a national music magazine entitled “Music Express!” and was a contributing writer for the Macmillan McGraw-Hill music textbook series, “Spotlight on Music.” In addition, she serves as the consulting editor for Little Schoolhouse book series, “Christopher Kazoo and Bongo Boo.” Mrs. Miller is frequently in demand as a clinician and director across the United States and Canada with numerous choral pieces and books in publication through the Hal Leonard Corporation.  She has also been the recipient of several ASCAP awards for her music. Cristi and her husband, Rick, live in Oklahoma City.


Chairman, SC Elementary Honor Choir Committee
Suzanne Lee – Email
Ballentine Elementary School
1040 Bickley Road
Irmo, SC  29063
School - (803)476-4500   Fax -  (803)478-4520

General Information

1.  Use a separate CD-R for each nominated student.  Click here to download computer recording instructions.  

2.  Label each CD to indicate name of student and school only. Use a sharpie marker to write the student name and school name on the actual CD. Do not apply any labels on the original CD. Please do not label tape or CD cases with names.  

The student's music teacher must conduct the audition. Please read and familiarize yourself and the student with the audition procedure and audition examples before recording. The audition should be recorded straight through from beginning to end.

3.  The only permissible talking on the recording is the announced student name only. Counting off, singing with, or any other verbal instructions given by the teacher are unacceptable.

4.  Please limit auditions to your best six students. Students must be in grades 4, 5, or 6 and attend an elementary school. Only a maximum of six auditions may be submitted. Only a maximum of six (6) students will be selected from any one school.

5.  The judging rubric is available on the Download tab above.


Ready to mail SCEHC Audition Packet Checklist

Postmark Deadline: Tuesday, October 11, 2013
_____Only six Audition CDs. Each CD should be labeled with the student name and school name. Do not label CD cases with any names or school names. Use a "sharpie marker to label your CDs. Do not affix any labels to CDs. Place each CD in a separate plastic jewel case.
_____One Nomination Form per student audition (maximum-six).
_____One Check made for correct amount. $8.00 fee for each student audition.
Check or money order must have school name written on it somewhere for identification purposes in case it is separated from paperwork.
_____Copy of current NAfME membership showing ID number and the expiration date.
_____Print "audio recordings enclosed" on your mailing envelope right above the address.



For best printing results, use the downloadable procedures and rubric documents found on the Downloads tab rather than printing from this web page.

Sample Audition Recording


1. Start audition

2. The teacher reads the following filling in the blank. Speak slowly and clearly "This is (Student Name)." No other talking is permitted.

3. Melody Echo Patterns

a) Teacher sings or plays on the piano each of the following melodic examples. (#1 through #4) Do not sing and play. After each example is played or sung the student echoes (a cappella) using the syllable "loo".

echo 1

echo 2

echo 3

echo 4


4. Harmonies (use the melody below)


a) Play the upper (soprano) line then have student echo the (soprano) line on "loo".

b) Give the student the starting pitch (B). Have the student sing the upper line while the teacher plays both parts (soprano and alto) on the piano.

c) Play the lower (alto) line then have student echo the (alto) line on "loo".

d) Give the student the starting pitch (G). Have the student sing the lower line while the teacher plays both parts (soprano and alto) on the piano.


5. Prepared song


a) Student sings America a cappella in G major.

b) Give the student the starting pitch G. Do not play any other type of introduction.

c) The student should sing the vocal line as written. Do not alter the rhythm or the pitches.

d) The teacher may accompany the first two measures. The student should complete the song a cappella. The song must be sung straight through without stopping.

6. End of Audition Recording

Listen to all recorded auditions to insure quality recording.

7. Mail Audition Packet to SC Elementary Honor Choir Chairperson. The following items must be included:

• Audition CD -a separate CD for each student. Please place each CD in a separate plastic jewel case.

• Nomination Form – a separate form for each student.

• $8.00 audition fee per student -Enclose one check or money order from the school or the teacher, payable to SCMEA Elementary Division. The school name must appear on all checks or money orders.

• photocopy of teacher's MENC card showing ID number and the expiration date.(Membership is a requirement.)

Mail to: MaryAnne Tillman, Logistics Chairperson
AC Moore Elementary School
333 Etiwan Avenue
Columbia, SC  29205

Email address:

Helping Hands Responsibilities

(Download a copy of these instructions from the Forms page)

  • Please wear your SCMEA conference nametag as well as the section leader nametag so that students know you are a teacher.
  • Please be a few minutes early so that you can “switch off” with a teacher who was on the last shift and be ready to supervise when your shift begins.  Let Suzanne know that you are on duty by checking by your name at the registration table. If you are on the first shift of the day, please pick up a section leader nametag. You will hand this off to your replacement when your shift concludes.
  • Please be ACTIVE while you are on duty. Constantly walk around in your section (it will say which section you are on the section leader name tag you pick up) and monitor student posture, attentiveness, and participation. Many potential behavior issues can be avoided if students see that we are all actively monitoring them.
  • If a student needs correcting, please do so in a positive manner.  
  • If a problem persists with a particular student(s), you may choose to change a child’s seat.  However, please do not be overly vigilant. Be positive as much as possible!
  • Give thumbs up when deserved, too. We want the students to have a positive experience.
  • Thanks for lending your “helping hands” for the good of the choir!  By being an active monitor, you help all of our students get the most out of rehearsals and out of the entire Honor Choir experience.


For best printing results....

... use these downloadable procedures and rubric documents rather than printing from the web page.

Audition Procedures

Judging Rubric

2013-2014 Rehearsal Notes

Honor Choir Music - Instructions for Parts
Notes will be posted in this space as soon as they become available.