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The art of teaching is a lifelong process, and one by which we travel alongside others. Think back to a very influential teacher from your past, and chances are this person has helped you in many ways along your journey as a music teacher. We all need these people, mentors, in our life who share in our joys and triumphs along the way, as well as help us to see how we can improve. We have a unique relationship with our mentors, and it is one of the marks of our profession.

This relationship with a mentor is not a one-way street either – any mentor will tell you that there has been growth in their life as a result of this inimitable bond. Whether formally, or informally, the experiences resulting from the relationship have made direct impacts on teaching music for both mentor and mentee.

A mentor relationship, ideally, happens rather organically, as people within the profession interact with one another; however, this can be difficult for those who are new to the profession, or new to the state. Additionally, one who wants to serve as a mentor should be made aware of how the profession interprets this relationship. The SCMEA Mentor Project is here to be a conduit for those wishing to be a mentor, and those who are new to the profession or state and are looking for support.

THE GOAL OF THE SCMEA MENTOR PROJECT is to provide every new music teacher in the state of South Carolina with a mentor. To this end we have established several entry points for you to get in touch with other music teachers and be a part of something very special.

A new forum for all members of SCMEA to communicate with each other is now available - register and login. Message topics will vary and provide opportunities for you to communicate across the state!

Contact information to those within each division who are involved in mentoring is provided below. Sending a direct email to one of these teachers within your division is an additional way to get started. We are strongly encouraging all who want to be a mentor to go through the SAFE-T training provided by their school district. This training is different than the training you received to be a cooperating teacher. Districts need SAFE-T (the “old” ADEPT) trained music teachers! Step up to the invitation!

Mentor Project Team Members (by Division):

  Elementary Lisa Rayner
  Band Joni Brown
Michael Doll
  Choral Sheneice Smith
  Orchestra Amy Strahm

I hope you’ll join us in the effort to provide EVERY new teacher in South Carolina with a mentor!

Best Regards,
Doug Presley, PhD
Chair, Teacher Education Committee

Forms are in PDF format and may be downloaded

Guidelines for Participants
Participant or Novice Teacher Agreement
Guidelines for Mentors


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