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SCMEA Colleagues,

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The trcik is taht uenlss you can alerady raed it mkaes no sesne at all. We can raed it beacuase we aleardy konw waht it syas. I fnid it rthaer fun to raed too. Eevn thgouh it is olny nonesnse, I stlil fnid it intlleectlauly stmiulnitag. As I preprae tihs and fturue letrets to the SCEMA mebmesrihp I am faecd wtih a simalir demilma. How do I renimd you of thgnis you alaerdy konw and at the smae tmie eicxte yuor curiisoty?

As the incoming president of the South Carolina Music Educators Association I find myself humbled by the honor, fearful of the challenge, excited by the opportunity, and thankful for the loyalty and professionalism of our membership.

Every president wants to do something that they feel will contribute to the growth of the organization. My goal will be to encourage and advance our ability to communicate. We need to develop better methods to exchange information in an effort to become more effective educators. I also want us to work together to communicate the significance of our profession to everyone in South Carolina.

Why is teaching music important?  How can we communicate our passion for teaching to those up the "chain of command" to principals, superintendents, and school boards?  When will we begin to work together to make our voices heard in the State House and State Department of Education?

I ask that every member of our association:

  • Continue your membership in NAfME and encourage all other music educators in your school district to join as well. As individuals we are limited in what we can achieve but by working together we can accomplish almost anything.
  • Actively participate in your SCMEA division. The educational experiences we provide our students don’t just happen. They happen because talented professional music educators rolled up their sleeves and made them happen.
  • Become a mentor. If you “know how” … please share! Find a mentor. If you don’t know … ask!
  • Join us as “South Carolina Celebrates Music” at the SCMEA In-Service Conference in Charleston on February 4-7, 2010. Make no excuses this year. It will be expensive … save your money! It will require time away from your classroom … ask early, get a substitute, plan ahead! It will not be easy … but it is so important to the professional development of the entire association that we come together to share our knowledge and experiences.

Music is a vital component in the lives of all South Carolinians. It surrounds us and stirs our emotions. It can bring a smile or make it alright to cry. Music brings greater meaning to our worship services. Music heightens the excitement of our celebrations. Music puts us in touch with our emotions. Without music … without music makers … without music educators … life for everyone would be very different.

I truly believe in the power of music!

Glenn C. Price, President
South Carolina Music Educators Association

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