Mission Statement


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The mission of the South Carolina Music Educators Association is to support and promote quality music education in South Carolina schools and communities.



Click here to download a copy of the SCMEA constitution and by-laws.


1. To serve as a principal voice for the advocacy of music education in South Carolina.

  • Collaborate with other arts organizations and agencies.
  • Promote and assist in the dissemination of music education advocacy materials.
  • Promote awareness of music education endeavors in South Carolina schools and communities. 

2. To encourage and support quality music instruction, grounded in the South Carolina Music Curriculum Standards, for all students. 

  • Support ongoing initiatives and activities for all divisions and committees.
  • Promote professional development through conference/workshop sessions, South Carolina MUSICIAN articles, and alliances with the music industry.
  • Collaborate with the South Carolina Department of Education on standards assessment initiatives. 

3. To recruit and retain quality music educators for South Carolina school music programs.

  • Encourage the development of and support of the activities of state Tri-M and Collegiate chapters.
  • Increase communication with teacher training institutions to assure that pre-service teachers are well prepared to enter the profession.
  • Increase support for the new teachers through mentoring programs.
  • Utilize the website to communicate with music educators regarding professional development, the benefits of membership in SMCEA/NAfME, and other useful information. 

4. To provide for the ongoing effectiveness of this organization.

  • Increase communication among the membership through electronic and print media.
  • Implement an organized process for identifying, recruiting, and nurturing leaders.
  • Review SCMEA By-laws and policies.
  • Evaluate the format of Executive Board meetings.
  • Annually evaluate the conference to determine strategies for improvement.
  • Annually review the Strategic Plan.