SC Arts Commission Grants Programs




  • When you want to start a new project, or expand an existing project, and financial costs are involved
  • When these costs cannot be covered in your current budget
  • When you know of a granting agency that makes awards to pay for the types of costs you envision
  • When you know that you meet the eligibility standards for such awards
  • When you are able to commit the needed time and energy to the grant-writing process

The South Carolina Arts Commission has a number of granting opportunities available to educators, organizations, and performing artists from South Carolina.  If you’ve never applied for a SCAC grant before, their staff would be happy to advise you about which grants you may be eligible for.  All applicants are urged to contact their coordinator well in advance of any application deadline to discuss their proposals.  Begin your SCAC grant search here!  

All SCAC grant awards are contingent upon availability of funds, submission and approval of final reports, and compliance with program grant guidelines.