College and Career Readiness Standards

December 6, 2016 |

The field review for the South Carolina College-and Career-Ready (CCR) Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Proficiency is now posted on the SC Department of Education website.  (  

The new South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Standards are written using a proficiency-based model within four artistic processes: creating, responding, performing, and connecting. Within the artistic processes, the document outlines benchmarks, indicators, and sample learning targets featuring “I can” statements that are designed to place the student in the driver’s seat of their learning process. The standards are designed to prepare South Carolina learners to meet new challenges in college and career readiness and are in alignment with the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.  The goal of these CCR Standards is that high school graduates be both college ready and career ready, enabling them to pursue any opportunity they desire.  

A special thanks to the following SCMEA members for their initial work on developing these important standards:  Dr. Christine Fisher, Bradley Wingate, Dr. Sharon Doyle, Martin Dickey, Dr. Mark Britt, Lisa Rayner, Christina Randall, Davaron Edwards, Jeffery Gaines, and Dr. Tayloe Harding.  On the link above, you will find a listing of other SCMEA members involved.  Thank you all for your contributions!