Graduate Credit





Take advantage of a great opportunity to receive graduate credit for attending the 2017 SCMEA Professional Development Conference in Columbia, South Carolina! There will be a table available for on-site registration in the lobby of the the CMCC.  

Don’t miss out!     01-small-vers-full-color-pdc-2017

  • Attend 15 clock hours of sessions
  • Write a brief summary of each session attended
  • Submit a typed copy of your summary by February 20, 2017        
  • Specific instructions provided at registration table.

Earn graduate credit through Furman University.  Complete instructions provided in attached file.

2017 Tuition and Fees for One Graduate Credit Hour (EDSP 670) Graduate Tuition          $105.00 

First-time Graduate Application Fee      $55.00

For further information contact:         Dr. Leslie W. Hicken


Transcripts:    Go to the Furman Academic Records website where you can request a transcript or for your transcript to be sent to your State Department of Education.  Click Here