Region Orchestra

South Carolina Region Orchestras

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                 Audition Information                 


                 Event Information                 

         Region 1


               October 5, 2024

              Byrnes Freshman Academy 



             November 22-23, 2024

               Chesnee High School


         Region 2

               October 5, 2024

               League Academy


               November 22-23, 2024

                  Furman University


         Region 3

               October 5, 2024

               EL Wright Middle School


               November 22-23, 2024

               White Knoll High School


         Region 4

               September 27, 2024



               November 14-15, 2024

                  Wando High School


         Region 5

               September 21, 2024

               Sumter High School


                November 8-9, 2024

                 Myrtle Beach High School               



Region Breakdown by Countyif you are not certain of which Region your district is a part, click on this link for a list of the counties within each Region.


Standing Rules for Region Orchestra (Revised 8-2020)